Birdy WPS R3-128
  • Birdy WPS R3-128
  • Birdy WPS R3-128
  • Birdy WPS R3-128
  • Birdy WPS R3-128
  • Birdy WPS R3-128

Birdy WPS R3-128

Birdy WPS-R3, der Alleskönner

robuster POCSAG-Pager, mit 128 Adressen, IP 67 

Robuster POCSAG-Pager, mit 128 Adressen, für Rettungseinheiten im 24/7 Einsatz konstruiert, staub- und wassergeschützt nach IP 67

Vibrations- Tonalarm / Batteriealarm

- Textfilter

BIRDY WP Synthesized version (VHF - UHF) POCSAG (clip & Color Back Light Display) 128 RICS

dust and water protected according to IP67

Can be used with standard Batteries or rechargeable Batteries with Charger

(both kind of Batteries are not included)

Message service features

Receiver addresses : up to 8 numeric and/or alphanumeric adresses

Possibility of 4 sub-adresses by adress with pre-fixed message

Memory (maximum No of messages) up to 20 messages of  255 characters each

Unread message alert

Alert melodies : 14 tones

Vibrate alert / Tone and vibrate / Vibrate then tone

Silent mode

Low battery warning

LCD display of 5 lines of 20 characters, back ligth, modifiable zoom

Option: Over-The-Air (OTA) programming

General features

Li-Ion battery 3.7V/1300mA

Languages : French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch.

Weight: 94 grs

Size : 84.5 mm x 63.5 mm x 23.5 mm

Supplied with 1 leather holster, 1 lanyard

Operating humidity and temperature from -10°C to 60°C, 95% at 40°C

Storage humidity and temperature from -10°C to 70°C, 95% at 40°C

Frequency stability: +/- 10ppm

Audible alert: > 86 dB at 30 cm (frequency 2731 Hz)

Contact relay for external output (alert siren remote control)

POCSAG features

Frequency (MHz): examples: 85.955 MHZ - 173.5125 MHz ...

Channel spacing: 25 KHz

Transmission speed: 512bps or 1200bps or 2400bps

Modulation: NRZ

Frequency stability: +/- 4.5KHz

Sensitivity: 512bps 3uV/m, 1200bps 5uV/m, 2400bps 7uV/m

Selectivity: 65dB +/-25KHz

Intermodulation protection: > 65 dB

Frequency stability :±10 ppm

Alert signal : > 86dBA @ 30 cm, frequency 2731Hz

Birdy WPS-R3-128

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