Birdy-SLIM-TX - IP67 Waterproof Alpha Pager

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Birdy SLIM-TX Synthisized version (VHF - UHF) POCSAG


Birdy SLIM-TX Synthisized version (VHF - UHF) POCSAG

Despite its lightness, Birdy Slim is a rugged paging device offering high performance features: rugged case, IP 67 protectionrate, RFID tag inside, large display withcolor backlight.

Birdy Slim is a 128 RIC pager, available in many frequency ranges, in synthesized version, for POCSAG networks.

Birdy Slim is also able to transmit POCSAG messages through a centrali-zation receiver (optional). This enablesto use it as a pager with acknowledge- ment receipt, PTI functionality... etc.

Birdy Slim is bundled with a desktop charger, which offers a very compact and functional design.

Birdy Slim is also equipped with a LED flashing light, high luminosity, to ad- vise that an alarm is being received.



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